Soak products are manufactured in Toronto – they include our well-loved Soak Wash as well as a range of secondary products that support the company’s philosophy of helping our customers care for the washables they cherish the most.

Soak is available in an assortment of fresh fragrances plus Scentless (for your sensitive side).  Watch for new products launching throughout the year!


Here’s all the FAQs and information you need about hand washing, ingredients, fragrances and other Soak stuff. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask.

Can I use Soak in the machine?

Yes.  Soak is ideal for either hand or machine washing- including High Efficiency (HE) machines.  Use the delicate cycle and measure Soak based on your machine’s instructions.  You can either use or skip the rinse cycle, depending on what you are washing. Measure Soak by individual machine guidelines.

I forgot about my item and left it in Soak overnight. Is it okay?

Of course. There’s nothing in it that will harm your clothes. Fifteen minutes is all you really need, though – leaving things in longer won’t make them any cleaner. Want a quick way to remember? Leave the light on in the bathroom when you’re Soaking in the sink so you don’t forget.

Can Soak help protect my wool against moths?

No laundry wash will keep moths away from your knits (not Soak, and not our competitors). Because moths are attracted to the oils from your skin that are trapped in the fibers, your best bet is to wash them regularly and store them clean, especially before you put them away for the season. We don’t recommend using moth balls. Not only do they smell awful, they contain toxic, harsh chemicals that aren’t good for anyone.

Scentless vs. Scented

Soak comes in a variety of fragrances, as well as scentless. There is no difference between the two formulas, other than the fragrance that is added to our scented products. Even though our scentless Soak is called “for your sensitive side”, all of our products are mild, plant based formulas for sensitive customers. Scentless is for the customer that does not want any scent at all.

Are the fragrances strong?

We have formulas by which we develop fragrances to ensure that all of our scents are Soakworthy. They are fresh, light and don’t leave any overbearing or heavy scent lingering in your garments. They are designed to just make the washing experience more pleasurable. Each fragrance leaves a hint of freshness on the item after it has been washed. When customers were asked to compare Soak to other fine fabric rinses, they found the scent more delicate, fresher and milder than the current market leaders. For more information on fragrances, watch our video called Soak Fragrances on YouTube.

Where can I buy Soak?

Soak can be found in 1200 + stores and online retailers across North America, Japan and the UK. Check the store locator at the top right hand corner of our site for one near you or you can call or email us for locations outside of North America.

What if there are no suppliers in my area?

You can also buy Soak right from our site. We ship worldwide. Please note that shipping rates increase outside Canada and the US. Orders over $75 ship for free within North America.

Are there extra costs when shipping to the US because Soak is made in Canada?

Nope. Soak is made in Canada under NAFTA regulations, and comes into the US without any duties or additional fees. All US orders ship FOB Buffalo NY.

Will it leak or freeze in transit?

No.  All Soak bottles have induction seals so that they will not leak during shipping. Due to the nature of shipping liquids, they may freeze during the winter months. Allow the contents to fully thaw as the cold will not affect the efficacy of the products. If any bottles crack or become broken during transit, send us an email and we will happily replace any unusable bottles.

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